8 Stage Shower Filtration System

This filter contains 8 stages of filtration for even better results.

This eight stage filtration filter is great for overhead, monsoon or wall showers this stops your existing showerhead collecting limescale around the water jets use with your existing showerhead or use with our water-saving showerheads that fit directly onto the filter saving water and cutting down on your energy costs.
Activated Carbon x2
Effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds & bad odor & taste.
Negative ION Ceramic Balls
Effective at the absorption of impurities and harmful heavy metals.
KDF 55 Media
Removes hydrogen sulfide, heavy metal, iron and can reduce other inorganic contaminants.
Calcium Sulfite
Removes chlorine, bad odors, heavy metals, microorganisms and scale.
Polypropylene Cotton x2
Helps to remove turbidities, sediments, rusts and microorganisms.
Maifan Ceramic Balls
Mineralize water, promoting digestion and prevent aging.
High-density steel mesh
Trap bigger size sediments and small sands.
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