Colour Safe

Company from North Carolina, “Virtue”, have found a way to create a unique supplement for your hair colour and bleach, turning it in to a Treatment! It will heal your hair whilst colouring it.

Colouring your hair is a very brave step for some, and regular maintenance for others. The biggest concern is not only a right shade but the condition your hair might be left in. At our brand-new Chelsea salon we pride ourselves in being pioneers of new technologies in hair. A group of bio-scientists had found an entirely new way to collect Keratin in its pure form. This incredible protein is what makes up 90% of our hair, skin and nails. They had discovered Alpha Keratin 60ku®. That is extracted not from animal by-products, but actual real human hair. What excites us about Alpha Keratin 60ku® is that our bodies recognize it as our own, which makes it really powerful. It’s pulled to where it’s needed, strand by strand, smoothing, resurfacing and filling in cracks of damage. The only question now is what colour would you pick?
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