Hair Services


Elena Von

Ladies Cut & Finish £125.00
Gentlemen`s Cut & Finish £100.00
Blow-dry or set £62.50

Senior Stylist

Ladies Cut & Finish £85.00
Gentlemen`s Cut & Finish £75.00
Blow-dry or set £42.50
Children’s Cut & Finish 8-18 years £65.00
Children’s Cut & Finish 0-7 years £55.00

Graduate Stylist
Blow-dry or set £27.50

Hair Services

Semi-Permanent Brazilian Blow-dry £195-£295
Finest Quality Real Hair Extensions POA
Weddings and Events
Hair & Makeup in Salon or on Location POA


Senior Technician

Full Head of Highlights £175.00
Half Head of Highlights £145.00
Hairline & Parting Lights £115.00
Full Head Tint £100.00
Root Tint £90.00
Colour Touch/Gloss £65.00

Hair Spa

Bespoke Scalp Remedy £35
Hair Treatment £35
Hair & Scalp Package £60
All stylists and technician prices reflect level of experience.

Holistic beauty specialist Larissa Kumana


File & Paint 20min £20.00
Manicure 35min £35.00
Express Pedicure 40min £45.00
Pedicure 60min £60.00
Manicure & Pedicure 105min £85.00
Spa Manicure 55min £50.00
Spa Pedicure 85min £75.00
French Polish £5.00


Manicure 50min £45.00
Pedicure 60min £65.00
Manicure & Pedicure 105min £100.00
Gel Removal 30min £15.00


Eyebrow tint 15min £15.00
Eyelash tint 25min £20.00
Eyebrow&Eyelash tint 30min £30.00
Eyebrow tint&Shape 35min £35.00
Eyebrow Shape 20min £15.00
Styled Brows 45min £35.00


Hollywood 45min £50.00
Brazilian 40min £45.00
Extended Bikini 30min £30.00
Bikini 15min £20.00
Underarm 20min £20.00
Chin 15min £13.00
Cheeks 15min £12.00
Upper Lip 20min £17.00
Upper Lip & Chin 20min £25.00


Full Leg 40min £40.00
Half Leg 30min £25.00
Full Arm 30min £30.00
Half Arm 20min £20.00
Chest 25min £20.00
Stomach 25min £20.00
Back 35min £40.00


Benefits include removal of shorter hairs, silkier smooth skin for longer, also it exfoliates and brightens the skin and nourishes with an infusion of Argan oil.
Full Leg 50min £70.00
Bikini 20min £20.00
Extended Bikini 30min £30.00
Brazilian 45min £45.00
Hollywood 50min £50.00
Half Arm 25min £25.00
Full Arm 35min £45.00
Underarm 30min £20.00

Buy 5 of the same treatment above & receive the 6th treatment for FREE


Seaweed Treatment Facial 45min £90.00
Express ticket to clean and healthy skin.A soothing massage with our revitalizing C-Serum followed by a fresh seaweed mask.

Bespoke Four Layer Facial 90min £170.00
The Premiere anti-aging treatment. Experience Four Layers of rejuvenating seaweed rich in 12 vitamins and phlorotannins, 42 trace elements, minerals, and 18 amino acids to help reduce wrinkles, firm and contour. See the difference: cleaner, healthier, younger looking skin.


Oriental Soul 60min £75.00
Body cleanse with traditional style Kassa Peeling Glove, back exfoliation, warming massage with cleansing mask on the back, finished with pressure points upon the soles of the feet.

Toning & Draining Ritual 105min £130.00
Sensitive skin facial with beautiful floral elements to captivate and soothe, followed by a toning body treatment for the texture and firmness of your skin. Softening and conditioning done through lymph draining to fully detoxify.


Advanced Upper Body Treatment 90min £120.00
Soothing back massage with aromatic oils, followed also by a facial cleanse with pressure point and lymphatic massage to refresh. Deep kneading into the hair line to release tension from the neck and head finalises this enlivening treatment.

Hip & Thigh Treatment 60min £88.00
Cooling and detoxifying oil massage aiding lymphatic flow with both slow gliding, pulsing and vigorous movement techniques. Perfect as a course of treatment along with a lifestyle program. Stimulates cellulite reduction and reduces rippling in the skin. Skin is prepared with either body brushing, exfoliant and there is a hot and cold sensory element to the cleansing.

Precious Oils Tummy Slimming Massage 30min £40.00
Toning and decongesting movements that can help comfort and balance the centre. Helps with tightness, stress and swelling.

Thai Foot Reflexology 40min £60.00
Foot and leg alignment stretches and muscle conditioning using Thai reflex energy points. A warming and enveloping massage is intricately performed for muscle release and accumulation of toxins from the soles of the feet.

Holistic Massage
Improves flexibility and restoration of hard muscular tension or fatigue
Massage of the back, neck and shoulders 30min £45.00
Back of the Body or Long Back Massage 40min £65.00
Full Body Massage to back, arms, legs, abdomen, neck, shoulders 60min £85.00

Aromatherapy 75min £98.00
Balancing and harmonising the body depending on your needs. A variety of blends for Inhalation therapy. Long extended treatment allows for system to benefit.

Pregnancy Massage 40min £55.00
60min £90.00
Mums to be can enjoy some much-needed rest & relaxation with our heavenly specialist massage. Easing muscular discomfort & muscle tightening that can be experienced throughout the body e.g. calf cramps, upper back pain, reducing swelling, reliving physical & emotional stress (Can be booked from 2nd Trimester).

Lava Shell Massage 75min £98.00
Smoother than stones and exquisitely comforting and warming. For those who don’t want finger pressure or kneading movements and prefer a soft and toning infusion of essential oils.

Indian Head Massage 35min £50.00
Quick facial cleanse, application of hair mask or oil. Deep kneading to the Scalp, including time to for the neck and shoulders. Teasing of hair roots, invigorating as well as slow pressures to the entire head. Facial oil or moisturiser ends the treatment.