Hair Services

Dry Cut Approach

Our dry cutting approach is unique, based on a different understanding of hair than you will find anywhere else.
Your hair is as individual as you are. When hair is cut wet many stylists follow a collage of a sort, a specific style. Wet hair does not kink, curl or frizz. Almost all wet hair feels and looks the same.
Cutting hair dry allows your stylist to adjust and reassess your haircut as the process goes along. Delivering results that are 100% tailored to you.


Wedding and Event Styling

You can have the piece of mind that you will feel and look great in hands of our specialists. Having worked very closely with Brides The Show, creating the latest trends for beautiful brides to be for 6 years running creating “looks” for bridal catwalk.
Working for some of the world’s most prolific designers like Sassi Holford, Jenny Packham, Ian Stuart, Oscar de la Renta; creating the most beautiful styles for both catwalk and magazine.
We also travel the globe for private clients, delivering the most amazing and faultless service for any big event.


Premium Quality Hair Extensions

We knows that your hair is your crowning glory and in order to look the best, you need to work with the best.
Our mission is to be on the forefront of providing high-end hair solutions, inspiring and encouraging our clients to express their fullest hair potential and dazzling the world around them.


Colour Safe

Colour Safe

Colouring your hair is a very brave step for some and regular maintenance for others. The biggest concern is not only a right shade but the condition your hair might be left in. At our brand new Chelsea salon we pride ourselves in being pioneers of new technologies for hair. A group of bio-scientists had found an entirely new way to collect Keratin in its pure form. This incredible protein is what makes up 90% of our hair, skin and nails. They had discovered Alpha Keratin 60ku®, that is being extracted not from animal by-products but real human hair. What excites us about Alpha Keratin 60ku® is that our bodies recognize it as our own, and that makes it really powerful. It’s pulled to where it’s needed, strand by strand, smoothing, resurfacing and filling in cracks of damage.

Company from North Carolina “Virtue” found a way to create a powerful supplement to your hair colour and bleach, turning it in to a Treatment! It will heal your hair while colouring it.
The only question now is what colour would you pick


Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The aim of the treatment is to restore and rebuild the damaged areas by treating your hair with a property that’s already in it: keratin.
Keratin is a strong protein that is key to hair maintenance, often lost over time due to age, chemical services and products. The keratin treatment simply puts that protein back in your locks, adding a layer of protein to your hair, strengthening it, relaxing it, making it more manageable and giving your hair a salon shine.

The biggest misconception about keratin treatments is that they are hair-straightening treatments A keratin hair treatment is actually a hair relaxing treatment, smoothing out the frizz and making your hair easier to manage. Also once hair have been styled, if caught in the rain or the humidity, hair wouldn’t curl or kink like it would have before.

Keratin treatments aren’t permanent and the longevity of the treatment depends on the texture of your hair and the upkeep of the treatment’s after-care.