Albage 107D

Elena Von London Introduces Revolutionary Hair Lightening Treatment by Lumielina Bioprogramming


Blond without damage!

Elena Von London is thrilled to announce the availability of ground-breaking hair treatment by Lumielina Bioprogramming: Albage 107D Platinum. This innovative solution is set to transform the haircare industry with exceptional results and unique approach to hair lightening.


Lumielina Bioprogramming Albage 107D Platinum is a game-changer in the world of hair lightening. Unlike traditional bleaching methods that often leave hair damaged and dry, this revolutionary product from Japan offers a safer alternative. By harnessing Lumielina's proprietary Bioprogramming technology, Albage 107D Platinum not only delivers stunning, natural-looking blonde colour but also restores and conditions the hair during the process. Having a hair colour that doesn't harm your hair strands is a real game changer. Your hair will feel like silk afterwards, and the tone of Albage lifts to the most beautiful, natural blonde. You still get the best results without the downside.

Elena Von London is proud to be at the forefront of haircare innovation by offering range of revolutionary treatments to our clientele. Our commitment to providing the highest quality services aligns perfectly with Lumielina Bioprogramming's mission to redefine hair beauty and care.