Meet the Team

Elena Von
Elena has been working very closely with Brides The Show creating the latest trends for beautiful brides to be and for 6 years running creating “looks” for bridal catwalk. And styled celebrity hair for photoshoots futured various magazines. She worked for some of the world’s most prolific designers, creating the most beautiful styles for the catwalk.

And also travelled the globe for private clients, delivering the most amazing and faultless service for any big event.

Elena Von has now achieved the coveted (“MCE”) Wella Master Colour Expert status, the highest level of hair colour expertise available via Wella.
Victoria joined Elena Von London back in 2019. Throughout her years working on the salon floor, Victoria has left a lasting impression on her clients, bringing her unique perspective and unwavering determination to excel. Her dedication and expertise have allowed her to accomplish remarkable achievements in her training, constantly expanding her knowledge and skills. However, it is in her work with colour where she truly finds inspiration. The transformative power of colour has captivated her, enabling her to create magnificent and personalized experiences for her clients.

Victoria's journey has shaped her into an influential figure, instilling confidence and empowering those around her. She understands the importance of self-belief and has worked diligently to cultivate her own. By sharing her insights and experiences, she aims to guide others on their own paths to inner confidence, encouraging them to embrace their individuality and shine brightly.
From a young age Vika was captivated by the art of cutting and styling, admiring the skill of hairstylists in creating works of art on their clients' heads.

After graduating from hairstyling school in 2018, Vika quickly entered the industry, aiming to contribute to the world of fashion and beauty. Since then, she has built a solid career and engaged in a continuous professional development. Each client becomes a blank canvas on which she applies her talent and creativity.

Vika is always up-to-date with the latest trends in haircuts, attending workshops, events, and specialized courses to hone her skills. She understands her clients, listens to their needs, and provides personalized advice to enhance their natural beauty.

With a well-developed attention to detail, Vika not only cuts and styles hair but creates memorable experiences for everyone who seats in her chair. Through her professional approach and evident passion for hairstyling, she has earned the trust and loyalty of her clients.
Highly professional specialist with over 10 years experience in the industry
Anna is very passionate about beauty and strives towards providing the best experience for our customers, Anna`s focus lies in making people look & feel good whilst boosting their confidence within.
Nicole is a highly skilled and known for her immaculate attention to detail and exceptional standards. Nicole's exceptional skills, combined with her genuine passion for her craft, make her a sought-after beauty technician.